Jan 04 2017

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Lifesaving Award – Mark Nodwell, Calgary Zone

(l-r) President, Insurance Brokers Association of Canada, Robert Harrison, Mark Nodwell,
Pre-hospital Care Advisory Team Chair Terry Abrams (photo by Charlie Turner)

On October 28, 2015, driving home during evening rush hour, CSP patroller Mark Nodwell stopped at a single vehicle accident on John Laurie Boulevard in Calgary, Alberta. The first responder on scene, other than several bystanders, Mark arrived well before fire fighters and emergency medical services.

Looking inside the car, Mark immediately assessed the situation. The patient in the driver’s seat wasn’t moving. Mark successfully gained access and, in spite of all the smoke and airbag dust, was quick to enlist bystanders and organize a rapid and safe extraction.

Mark’s primary assessment revealed that this patient had an airway but was not breathing and had no noticeable pulse. CPR was initiated with the help of other bystanders, and Mark did several sets of chest compressions before the Calgary Fire Department arrived with an AED.

The patient received two shocks just as EMS arrived and care was handed over to paramedics. Mark provided them with a full report. By then, the patient had recovered spontaneous breathing and pulse and was conscious enough to complain about having a sore chest. He was quickly transferred to the hospital where he eventually recovered.

You never know when or where any of us will be called upon to utilize our CSP training. For taking the initiative and successfully saving the life of another person, the CSP took great pleasure in presenting Mark with the CSP Lifesaving Award at the 2016 leadership conference in Ottawa. Congratulations and well done.

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