The Canadian Ski Patrol is Canada’s leader in certifying ski patrollers and advanced first aid personnel for our on-snow resort partners. Since the 1940s, this organization has continued to fill a critical need for first responders on the ski slopes.

  • The CSP today…

    Today, the Canadian Ski Patrol delivers a cross-section of national programs which provide vital skills, certified education and training in outdoor emergency care. Many lives are saved each year thanks to the competence of CSP patrollers.

    Nationally, the CSP promotes safety and injury prevention and provides the highest possible standards of education, certification and delivery in first aid and rescue services to the snow industry.

  • A brand new beginning…

    In 2012, the CSP’s national board of directors initiated a brand review. By August 2013, they had updated the name (by removing the word System from the Canadian Ski Patrol System) and launched a new image that included the updated logo you see at the top of this page.

    This new logo is seen as a milestone in the history of this great organization. It embodies a modern, relevant and professional look while respecting CSP roots, celebrating Canadian heritage and showcasing the delivery of advanced first aid.

    The look is similar to the historic yellow cross on a blue maple leaf, but the leaf has been updated, strengthened and incorporated in a new red and white colour scheme. It’s a revitalized look that reflects a boldness, professionalism and can-do attitude; integral elements of the CSP now and into the future.

The development and adoption of our new red, white and black uniforms will roll out over the next two years.

Why did I join the CSP? “To combine business with pleasure and make myself useful while having fun on the slopes. Also to enrich myself with new knowledge (first aid) that is useful EVERYWHERE.
Napoléon Martin, Baie Comeau Zone, Quebec
The Canadian Ski Patrol is a large corporate business, with a very small office and even smaller staff. Our size is made up of you, the members and the more than 230 resorts at which you patrol.
Al Knott – 5/5 November 2012, National Chairman
Why did I join the CSP? “The people I skied with in my bachelor days gradually drifted away from the sport; CSP was a way to stay involved. I started in Gatineau Zone way back in 1973… been at it ever since.”
Dan Cameron, Qu’Appelle Zone, Saskatchewan, CSP No. 557