Who we are

The Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP) is a registered non-profit corporation comprising highly trained volunteer and professional members. The organization is national in scope and was formed to promote safe skiing and to provide assistance to injured skiers and riders. The CSP offers its high quality services for free to participants of snow sports at the resorts which it serves.

The Canadian Ski Patrol was formed in 1941 and is now made up of more than 4,500 volunteer members across Canada who patrol at more than 200 resorts from ocean to ocean. It is recognized across the country for the high quality of its services and the professionalism of its members.

Members of the CSP patrol on alpine, Nordic and telemark skis as well as on snow boards. The services offered to its members include, amongst others, high quality first aid training, insurance for volunteer members, uniforms and training manuals.

The Canadian Ski Patrol in Québec is divided into zones which offer services to alpine and Nordic centres across the province. The Québec Division also handles media relations with other organizations at the provincial level.