Partnership Announcement – Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (CSIA) and the Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP)

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A partnership agreement has been reached between the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance and the Canadian Ski Patrol in the interest of exploring opportunities to share and collaborate on common initiatives of mutual benefit. An agreed upon memorandum of understanding between these parties will include:

  • Cooperating in areas of skier safety education to the public.
  • Sharing expertise on ski improvement for CSP members and first-aid training for CSIA members.
  • Promoting a positive image, reputation and branding for instructors and patrollers.
  • Exploring opportunities to share technologies and member communication systems between the two organizations.
  • Jointly promoting the sport of alpine skiing.

Dan Ralph – Managing Director of the CSIA stated, “The ski industry wants and needs more collaboration like this and we are very excited to announce this formal partnership with the Canadian Ski Patrol. This partnership will strengthen our collective commitment to the promotion of skier safety and to exploring ways to share educational opportunities between our memberships.

Colin Saravanamuttoo – President and CEO of the CSP stated, “Members of the Canadian Ski Patrol and the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance have been informal colleagues at ski hills and resorts across Canada for generations, working to improve the experience of Canadian skiers and promote the amazing sport we all love. Now our organizations, two of the oldest and most respected in the Canadian ski industry, are coming together to further strengthen our ties and better serve our members and the public.”

For continued updates on this exciting partnership opportunity, you can visit our respective websites: or If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact Martin Jean from the CSIA or Colin Saravanamuttoo from the CSP. (See below for media contact.)

The Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP) delivers advanced first aid, injury prevention and rescue services through a volunteer network educated and certified to the highest standards.

The Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (CSIA) provides excellence in education for the profession of ski teaching, contributing to the growth and enjoyment of skiing as stated in the CSIA Mission Statement.


Martin Jean
Director of Education and Member Services
Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance
800-811-6428 ext. 227 /


Colin Saravanamuttoo
President and CEO
Canadian Ski Patrol
613-822-2245 ext. 224 /