Outstanding Executive Award 2016

A very surprised Leadership Conference Coordinator Kathy Little with CSP President and CEO Colin Saravanamuttoo (photo by Charlie Turner)

If you stop and think for a moment about what it takes to plan, organize and orchestrate a national conference you will only begin to understand how much work over a long period of time this year’s outstanding executive award recipient Kathy Little has done.

Excelling in one of the most challenging positions within the CSP, Kathy manages to balance the multiple expectations of conference attendees within the limited time available while accommodating the statutory requirements, the needs of the various portfolios and the management committee, our partners, plus an active social program. It is the only time the entire organization comes together each year so the conference must be entertaining, competitively priced, engaging, convenient, and inspiring. It also must be well-organized, seamless, current, observant of organizational priorities, and an avenue for good governance, all while simultaneously being a host for good conversation, camaraderie and debate. Fundamentally, it must provide an opportunity for the CSP to find its collective soul each year.

Working seamlessly behind the scenes, Kathy does it all in a professional and good-natured way. When all is said and done, she then pores through survey results to identify improvements and distill ideas for the next year. And in 2016 there was the added challenge of including all of the 75th anniversary celebrations into an already tight schedule.

Kathy Little has done a stellar job in this volunteer position for the past five years. She has helped to facilitate and manifest the Canadian Ski Patrol’s evolution toward an organization that is modern, professional and relevant; an accomplishment that benefits the CSP and every one of its members.

Congratulations Kathy!