Lifesaving Award – George Alexander Holman (Gatineau Zone)

In June of 2015, CSP member George Holman was travelling in Toronto, Ontario, when he came across a motor vehicle accident. A car had hit a tree and although several people had already stopped it did not appear that any were actively attending to any persons involved. Without hesitation, George decided to stop and offer his assistance should it be required.

George stepped to the forefront and took command of the situation at hand. As the driver was not responsive and locked in the car, George was forced to break out the car window to gain access to his patient to begin his primary assessment. Once he extricated the patient from the vehicle he was able to determine that the driver was vital signs absent and immediately commenced CSP CPR protocol treatment.

When paramedics arrived on scene, they clearly realized that the patient was currently in capable hands which allowed them time to prepare and set up their defibrillator. After a further two minutes of CPR by George, the paramedics were able to shock the patient and her heartbeat was restored. At this point, George handed over carriage of the patient to the EMS team and they transported her to the hospital and George resumed his travels that day.

It was George that got the next shock as he received a call a few days after the incident inquiring if he would allow his contact information be released to the family of the driver that he assisted. George agreed and was subsequently contacted by the daughter of the patient whose life he saved that week. Ever grateful for George’s intervention that summer’s day, she informed George that her mother was on the road to a full recovery.

Congratulations to George Holman for saving a life. A CSP Lifesaving Award was presented at the CSP Leadership Conference in April, 2017.