Sharing stories on and off the hill to inspire: fundraising at the Canadian Ski Patrol  

A story is very powerful! Think about a story that sticks with you. One you can visualize. How did it make you feel?  Maybe it made you feel gratitude or maybe it made you really angry!  Emotions motivate people to take action.

Fundraising is all about storytelling.  It is all about sharing a story that will inspire a person to make a difference.  People want to be part of a solution, make someone’s life better and empower others.

The Canadian Ski Patrol has endless stories.  From why someone became a patroller to a life that was saved on a ski hill to a runner saved at a marathon – the CSP is the perfect story to tell.

Sam Laprade will share a fundraising formula that combines storytelling and relationships to motivate donors to think big and make positive changes through their commitment to the Canadian Ski Patrol.