April 15, 2017

Jeffrey Reath

First elected to the board 2012
National Appreciation Award NAA#1582

Jeffrey first joined the patrol as a University student in 1988 and spent three years patrolling Wentworth in Scotia Zone. Unfortunately, he fell away from skiing and the patrol for a number of years. In the spring of 2006, a chance meeting with an old high school friend resulted in an introduction to the patrol leader at Poley Mountain.

Since 2006, Jeffrey has developed a passion for the CSP. He began competing on the First Aid Team for Poley in 2007 and quickly developed a desire to go all the way. He made two trips to the national competition and earned silver in 2010 and finally gold in 2011. Jeffrey has also been an assistant instructor and is currently an instructor. He firmly believes in the quality of our education programs, and will take any opportunity he can to explain it to the uninitiated.

Jeffrey has also served the past four years as the patrol leader for Poley Mountain., twice earning the Gary Chapman Memorial Patrol Leader of the Year Award for Atlantic West Division. It is in this role that Jeffrey has expanded his view of the CSP. He has attended the division and national conferences in each of the past four years. During this time, Jeffrey has developed friendships from coast to coast and has come to the conclusion that the Canadian Ski Patrol is a tremendous organization that is made up of tremendous individuals.

Jeffrey has 20 years of experience in different sporting and community organizations. He firmly believes that an organization built on open communication and a willingness to adapt to new realities can flourish. It will take the commitment of all our members moving forward to build on the success of our predecessors. He looks forward to the challenge of being on the board, and welcomes any questions or comments from members.