April 15, 2017

Ron Cameron

Ron Cameron is first and foremost a patroller. He has been a member of the CSP since 2003, joining Cobble Hills patrol, Western Zone, Ontario Division and is currently the Ontario Division president. This is Ron’s second stint as a patroller having joined a private patrol in PEI and the CSP in Nova Scotia while in high school and university (1982-1985). He has been involved in teaching first aid with Red Cross, St John Ambulance and the CSP and is currently a CSP Instructor Trainer. He has held the positions of VP Operations and Zone President for Western Zone and more recently VP Operations for Ontario Division prior to assuming the responsibilities of Division President.

Outside of the CSP, Ron is currently employed as the Safety & Compliance Director for Liberty Linehaul Inc., which was recognized in March as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies. During his 26 years with the company, he has held the role of driver, operations, freight broker and safety and compliance.

Within the CSP, Ron has worked as both a participant and leader in the development of strategic plans at the zone, division and national levels, most recently participating in the CSP strategic summit in Toronto this past January. These plans are essential as the ski industry, and the CSP face a number of challenges over the next few years. His commitment is to consider each challenge carefully and to seek flexible solutions and strategies while allowing the CSP to move forward in a modern, professional and relevant direction.

Ron has worked hard to expand our CSP branding and recruitment opportunities. He has spearheaded the development of a new revenue stream achieving Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) accreditation of the Standard First Aid (SFA) program in Ontario. With a strong business plan in place, this will allow the CSP to begin offering the SFA to Ontario industry and businesses this fall providing a stable and ongoing revenue stream.

Having participated in various SWOT planning exercises and in discussion with industry and patrol contacts across the country, Ron has identified two of the biggest challenges the CSP faces which are: ongoing changes to the ski industry and in how people volunteer in Canada. By thinking outside the box and developing flexible strategies reflecting our strengths and values of professional, high quality service, the board of directors can provide direction to the management committee that will guide our relationships with the ski industry and others. These strategies will also clarify the role of the CSP, and to support our patrollers in all aspects of patrolling whether on the hills, trails or wherever Canadians play across Canada. With programs and strategies such as the introduction of the SFA, new revenue streams will

provide meaningful service, strengthen our brand and also work to reduce the direct financial cost to our patrollers.

The CSP is celebrating 75 years of excellence this year and with leaders who can provide flexible solutions while maintaining the high standards, the CSP can look forward to another 75 years of providing service. Ron Cameron is a patroller and leader who is eager, able, and willing to become an active member of our CSP board of directors.