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Division leaders meet in Calgary to plan winter operations

Leaders of the CSP Mountain Division will meet in Calgary Sept. 9 for their fall meeting to plan out activities for the coming winter operational season.

The division executive along with zone presidents from across Alberta and the Yukon are meeting to update colleagues on activities over the summer, preparations for the winter and to discuss planning and governance matters.

CSP national co-executive director Jean Rioux will provide an update on national matters, and candidates for the national board of directors will have an opportunity to present their platforms to the Mountain Division group. The election will take place later in the month, connected to the national annual general meeting.

Patrol leaders and coordinators will also meet to discuss challenges and solutions in their roles.

The day-long meeting will wrap up with a reception to fete the Mountain Division-based recipients of national awards.

Mountain Division leaders meet at least twice annually; a spring meeting in early June, and a fall meeting in September.

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