By Geoff Scotton, VP Brand and Partners (

724969Our contacts at Head-Tyrolia and K2 have provided us with updated price lists for the CSP pro deals with the respective equipment makers and distributors. In the case of K2, the company is offering some early-bird offers with better-than-pro-deal pricing that need to be accessed by December 5.

Information on these pro deals and the many pro deals the CSP offers as a benefit of membership is available in the pro deals area of the members-only area of the CSP website, and in the National Database System in national shared files in the pro deals folder. As always, please respect these pro deals, which are intended for the personal use and requirements of CSP regular members.

headQuestions on CSP pro deals can be sent to CSP Pro Deals Coordinator Mat Leblanc, at Many thanks to Mat and to Michael Hewett on their work on our stellar pro deal offerings.

Head-Tyrolia, K2 pro deal price lists updated; K2 early bird deal offered