By Colin Saravanamuttoo, President and CEO (

As we continue on the Canadian Ski Patrol’s journey of renewal, we’re excited to announce an opportunity on the national management committee. After four years on the national leadership team, Geoff Scotton will be completing his term as leader of the brand and partners portfolio. This planned transition is part of our continuing renewal process and reflects the implementation of term limits in national leadership roles.

Geoff played an important role in our rebranding, and was a key architect in developing our operational and organizational renewal program. He has overseen a number of significant initiatives, and has been a strong agent of change. Many thanks to Geoff for his outstanding work leading brand and partners, and before that communications.

The brand and partners portfolio has a broad set of responsibilities. This includes communication, marketing, brand management, fundraising, sponsorship, pro deals and partnership activities, and of course our national leadership conference. The portfolio has a dedicated supporting team, and also has access to external paid resources.

Use of paid support or expertise will continue to be part of our approach, in brand and partners, and in other areas as appropriate. The Canadian Ski Patrol has outgrown its traditional model of relying almost exclusively on members to achieve its objectives. Moving forward, we will continue to engage paid resources selectively and strategically to advance the work of the brand and partners portfolio and of the Canadian Ski Patrol.

For more information, please see the job description here. If you are interested in applying for this role or have any questions, please contact Renée Thivierge ( This is a very important role for the Canadian Ski Patrol at an important time in our history. If it’s of interest, I hope you’ll consider applying. We will be accepting applications until January 21, 2017.

Leadership opportunity in brand and partners portfolio