By, Geoff Scotton VP Brand and Partners (

The CSP’s social media presence and content continues to evolve and modernize as the organization strengthens its marketing and sponsorship efforts to meet financial, image and operational goals.

In December, with the assistance of a marketing expert, Kerry Mortimer, we launched a big push around fundraising vehicles such as Fundscrip and Amazon. Along with the CSP social media platforms, that included utilizing other channels such as our links to the Canadian Ski Council, Mortimer is helping to guide our social media efforts, which are managed at the national level by Cindy Leblanc.

These efforts will include an expansion of the social media platforms the CSP uses and actively uses. Going forward, we will also be using our social media platforms to help backstop our sponsorship efforts. In recent months a sponsorship expert, Joanne Lord, has been working with the CSP’s partners in areas such as pro deals and elsewhere to cultivate sponsorships linked to our CSP Leadership Conference, and Canadian Ski Patrol Day. Among the early successes from this work is financial sponsorship support from apparel maker and CSP pro deal partner Helly Hansen, which will be seen on our social media platforms, our conference materials and elsewhere.

These efforts and successes in marketing and sponsorship would not be possible without the use of third-party paid resources, and the modernization of the CSP that began in 2013. Our efforts to build or rebuild the CSP as modern, professional and relevant are at the very heart of our ability to be successful in relationships that include pro deals, sponsorships, fundraising and marketing.

Social media marketing, sponsorship helps the CSP