By Tina Crossfield, Nordic Anniversary Coordinator (

As you know, the national Nordic anniversary will be marked at the 2017 CSP Leadership Conference at Big White. This is the first Nordic milestone to my knowledge to be recognized. To commemorate this occasion, I will be setting up a small booth at the hotel with some items of interest. I also invite you to visit me there (location TBA) or to send me your patrol photos and stories with the purpose of creating a history book. It likely won’t be as long as the original First 50 Years of the Canadian Ski Patrol System, the book which most members received at the Leadership Conference last year in Ottawa. And, it will take the better part of 2017 for me to assemble the CSP’s Nordic history, organize the translation, and publish it.

In the First 50 Years, on page one, the authors (John and Carol Lafoon) wrote, this book is “… a series of stories of the CSPS. Many of these stories are still incomplete. Someday, a person may rediscover a memo or a clipping that will add to the store of knowledge about this organization.” I believe this is still true today, hence my appeal to all CSP members to contribute to this project, whether you are Nordic or alpine.

First athlete treated at the XV Olympic Winter Games by Mike Wagner (photo provided by Mike Wagner)

For example, after my article appeared in the September issue of 5/5, I received a wonderful note and several photos from Mike Wagner, who was the Nordic patroller who handled the first injury of a competitor at the XV Olympic Winter Games in Calgary, in 1988. He wrote, “It just made my day (to see your article) and maybe even longer that the old guard is still not forgotten.” Mike was the founder and past-president of Yukon Zone, and is a very proud CSP veteran.

In the Nordic Resource Kit, 1995, which I quoted from last month, prior to the Calgary Olympic Winter Games, two Nordic members from Kawartha Zone (Ross Penton was one) patrolled at the 1980 Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid, N.Y. This is a single line in a chronology with no additional information. Other such activities mention dates and facts but no descriptions.

Mike Wagner today (photo provided by Mike Wagner)

In a similar story to the alpine jacket among alpine patrollers, our Nordic CSP uniform jacket has been a reoccurring topic. In 1978, the first jacket was introduced. In 1983 a new jacket was issued. In 1989, the JARDI jacket was field-tested to find a more suitable uniform, and in 1990, a JOFF jacked was tested and “proven unacceptable due to the wrong material.” I wonder what those patrollers would say about our newest Nordic jackets and the field-testing that we all endured lately.

The Nordic Resource Kit ends in 1990, with the promise of a first draft of the CSP Nordic history. Some of this material may have been incorporated into the First 50 Years (1994), however, it only takes up two pages of the book. I believe that the missing early history has been kept by patrols in Ontario and Quebec, but have yet to see the print. The exception to this is the 40th anniversary of Kawartha Zone, published in 2014. Western Canada’s patrol history will be slightly different (or not), and linked to provincial parks. I am able to see dates, but again, they are single lines in a chronology.

My proposal is to gather information. This can be in any form: by interview, written notes, email messages, scans, photos, a phone call. Submissions will be accepted in either English or French. We can do this. Please contact me with any information at or 226-921-5444.


Extract from Sweep Magazine, 1988 (page 14)
The first 40 years of Nordic patrolling in the CSP – call for submissions