By Christian Hamlyn, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator (

For many of us, it is ski and ride season again, which initiates the next phase of the recruitment and retention process. In the fall we asked which aspects of Canadian Ski Patrol were of the most value to you, and used this data to look forward in our recruitment and retention strategy.

Our latest survey reminds us who we are now. We average 23 on-snow patrol days and five days at 365 patrol events. Sixty-five per cent of us were recruited by our friends into the patrol, and 72 per cent of us registered again for more fun this season. Also, almost half of us would like to become more involved at the local and zone levels.

What makes us stay in the patrol? It’s simple really. We have fun, meet new friends, and help our resorts, all while providing some first aid.

The trend this fall showed our recruitment numbers increased four to five per cent across the country, with some zones reaching nearly 15 per cent growth. Now that the snow is here and our resorts are open, it is a good time to start looking towards how to retain our teams and build an even stronger future for our zones.

How we can further this positive trend and increase retention rates across the patrol? Some helpful tips to reinforce camaraderie and the opportunity to help are:

  • Have your zone participate in events such as the Canadian Ski Patrol Day and the Guinness Book of World Records attempts.
  • Participate in resort days and do so as a team.
  • Plan regular social events.
  • Patrol at 365 events to keep up our skills and support our communities.

Let’s keep doing what we do best again this season: recruit new members who are friends and already at our resorts. Have a great recruitment year. See you on the slopes.

The next step: recruitment and retention