By Anne Haley-Callaghan, Chair (

Greetings fellow CSP members. Changes within the organization keep moving forward and we made CSP history at the 2017 CSP National Leadership Conference with our first on-snow event and the election of our first female board chair.

This year will continue to be one of change; our objective must be to ensure that the CSP remains relevant within the industry. The strategic plan directs us to look at governance and ensure that we remain operationally functional.

Over the next months we will be analyzing the current situation and the changes needed to increase effectiveness and efficiency. We will be seeking input; if you have something you wish to share, your voice will be heard.

Financial sustainability is an important part of the strategic plan. Each of us has a vested interest in ensuring that we become and remain financially stable. I believe that together, meaning all 4,000-plus members, we can make this happen. We are a group of volunteers within a charitable organization and in most instances we give more than we receive. As members we have the background needed to feel comfortable asking for charitable donations. Working under the same banner both locally and nationally, let us recognize that the monies generated under the CSP banner need to be shared to ensure sustainability at all levels.

We have made great strides in selling ourselves; who and what we are. We have become more recognizable through the rejuvenation of our uniforms. We have moved into providing services 365 days a year … all this and more has helped to sustain the organization.

Now as we look forward, changes will continue so that we will remain a front-runner in the provision of the services we do so well.

It is an honour for me to have been chosen to serve as your board chair. I welcome your comments and/or suggestions.

From the CSP board chair