Linda Andrews – Life Member No. 66

For Linda Andrews, no job is too big or too small. She continually dedicates her free time to CSP-related activities: helping with on-snow certification of patrollers and instructing and coaching during new candidate courses along with being a key contributor to both her own zone’s instructor certification program. She also assists in other zones within Ontario Division to enhance the delivery of educational material.

For the past year, Linda has worked to update our advanced first aid manual and teaching aids, including the student guide, lesson modules, and eLearning modules to ensure that the CSP is current with the 2015 ILCOR updates. But more than that, Linda has brought her practical knowledge as public health nurse to update our protocols regarding universal precautions, HIV, Hepatitis B, and soon-to-be-introduced protocols regarding naloxone for treating fentanyl overdoses (a growing public health crisis in Canada).

As the national director of first aid and instructor certification and resources program coordinator, she assists with AFA candidate instruction in both Western Zone and Central Zone. Linda attends the Ontario Division first aid competition annually as a key judge and also assists at competitions in other zones in the division. She is a regular contributor to the Central Zone President’s Cup AFA competition. At the national level, she acts as an examiner and judge each year the competition is held.

Linda was instrumental in updating the presentations and course curriculums currently used within the CSP and assists with French translation to help keep costs as low as possible. She also rebranded and proofread national exams, manuals, meeting minutes and memos, including more than 150 teaching modules and instructor templates ensure quality and consistency. She has been a critical member of the national eLearning steering committee, reviewing feedback and making changes to enhance the national experience with eLearning. She also managed the student workbook and session quizzes for eLearning.

As a key member of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board steering committee with Ontario Division in 2014 that obtained WSIB certification for a CSP standard first aid course, Linda wrote the instructor certification module and assisted with the SFA presentation material. The instructor certification elements were critical to obtaining accreditation.

Linda is a dedicated team player who acts as the glue on the national education committee and helps set our standards. Through her dedicated actions, she demonstrates that those standards can be achieved by our patrollers.

For her perseverance and ongoing commitment to educational excellence within the Canadian Ski Patrol, Linda Andrews was recognized as Life Member No. 66 at the leadership conference at Big White Ski Resort in April.


Ross Forbes – Life Member No. 67

Ross Forbes joined the CSP in 1975 and has been a leader in the organization ever since. He possesses the ability to adapt quickly to frequently changing customer needs in his business life and this adaptability has transferred well to the CSP. In 1998 he recognized that the CSP had similar challenges as his business, and for the last eight years he has lead from as far in the front of the CSP as you can get as a member of the national board of directors. By the end of his term as vice-chair, it will have been a total of nine years’ service at the highest level of CSP governorship. Ross Forbes will join the ranks as one of the longest serving board members in our 76-year history.

Ross has been instrumental in many high level issues within the CSP including (in 2012) membership on the search and selection committee for the new CSP president and CEO which ultimately led to the hiring of Colin Saravanamuttoo, giving the organization a great visionary step forward. He remains an active member of the board of directors’ compensation committee, semi-annually reviewing and setting performance metrics for our president and CEO, and has been asked to chair the search committee for the next CSP president and CEO when the need arises.

Also at the board level, Ross was a member of the 75th anniversary committee, chaired the review and modification of the CSP bylaw, was highly engaged in the CSP rebranding project, and most recently has been active in the realm of the development of foundational funding and sponsorship strategies at the request of our president. He has also been instrumental in the partnership with the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance, initiating a specialized CSP/CSIA first aid course and encouraging Level IV instructors to create toboggan-training programs for the CSP.

Ross also contributed to SWEEP (a former CSP national publication) as the assistant editor for two years, generating $75,000 of free advertising for the 50th anniversary campaign. He was also behind the creation of a two-year sponsored advertising campaign with local radio stations in the greater Montreal area for skiing safety tips which generated another estimated $50,000 in fundraising dollars. Part of this on-air initiative was two radio ski teams being trained in first aid by Ross, so that when they visited a ski hill, they could offer their services having been trained by the CSP.

At every level and over a considerably long period of time, Ross Forbes has consistently worked to build, strengthen and secure the relevancy of the Canadian Ski Patrol. Ross was welcomed as Life Member No. 67 at the leadership conference at Big White Ski Resort in April.

Two life memberships awarded in 2017