By Brian Low, CSP Endowment Fund Advisory Committee Chair ( 

The CSP Endowment Fund was formally launched at the CSP 2017 Leadership Conference at Big White. The Endowment Fund provides one more giving option that will support our strategic objective toward financial stability and sustainability for the Canadian Ski Patrol.

The “gift that keeps on giving” refers to the donation of any amount that is then invested along with other donations and interest on the investment is returned to the CSP on an annual basis. The CSP is not a financial investment expert so we have partnered with the Community Foundation of Ottawa ( one of the six largest members of Community Foundations of Canada with an enviable investment and return history. Your gift, or that of your friends and family, will be invested and investment earnings will be returned to the CSP in perpetuity.

There was a lively and informative presentation and discussion about the endowment fund at the zone presidents’ meeting at the leadership conference and many people dropped by the CSP Endowment Fund booth at the conference trade show. Avalanche Skiwear generously donated two long winter urban coats for a draw and the national board donated the national portion of the regular member’s annual registration fee for one person as well. The winners of the coats were: Bob Langdon (Red River Zone); Sheila Reesor (Kawartha Zone); and the winner of the national portion of the CSP registration was Bart DeFreitas (Skeena Zone). All delegates at the conference received an Endowment Fund pamphlet with full information provided.

The CSP Endowment Fund webpage will soon be up on the CSP national website providing helpful information about the fund along with a donate button that will allow you to make donations directly. The Community Foundation of Ottawa can provide bilingual expert guidance and assistance to those people who would like advice on how to most effectively make a legacy gift in their will, set up life insurance policies, stocks, and other creative giving options.

The CSP Endowment Fund provides an important new giving option for anyone wishing to support the Canadian Ski Patrol into the future. Please share the word that we now have this added option for consideration. Don’t hesitate to contact the Community Foundation of Ottawa, our CSP national office for further information.

You can now give the gift that keeps on giving! Share the word…