By Colin Saravanamuttoo, President and CEO (

I’m writing this article following our annual general meeting in Toronto. This year we introduced a virtual meeting to allow members to connect from across the country. We wanted to modernize our approach, and of course to expand the opportunity for anyone to participate. This is another step in our continuing journey of renewal.

At the AGM, I spoke of our continuing efforts to renew and modernize the Canadian Ski Patrol. I spoke about being a “modern, professional and relevant” partner to the snow industry and beyond, and ultimately of becoming the best member organization in Canada. All our work is focused on these objectives. I took the opportunity to emphasize that this is internal language to help our members understand our goal.

To our industry partners and the skiing public, we continue to present ourselves as “passionate + professional + proud.” This language has resonated well, and captures how we want to be viewed.

I also took the opportunity to repeat one of my favourite quotes: “Every interaction is a brick in the wall of reputation” (Seth Godin). In other words, everything each one of us does has an impact on the reputation of the Canadian Ski Patrol. So let’s all do our bit to build the best member organization in Canada – one brick at a time.

Thanks for all your efforts over the season. Enjoy your summer!

Journey of renewal