By John Humbert, Recruitment and Retention Team Member (

With the recertification season being just around the corner, the recruitment and retention committee has two points for you to consider.

First, the CSP has a constant need to renew its membership. We need new members every year. There is always attrition.

Like many volunteer organizations, the CSP does not have people lining up to join. To stay relevant in the winter sports industry, we need to constantly refresh our membership. All of you can help.

If you know someone who may be interested in joining the CSP, do your best to get them involved. Most people join the patrol because they know someone who is a member.

The second item is the recertification survey being introduced this year. You will be asked to complete a survey as part of the recertification process. The traditional survey response rate is only 10 to 15 per cent; however, we aim to achieve more complete results.

The survey itself is only 14 questions. You can choose from four answers, and there is an “other” line for written answers if you choose. We are trying to better understand what we do well, so we can build upon our strengths.

Results will be shared in a future edition of 5/5.

Be proud of what you do and encourage others to get involved.


Recruitment and retention 2017