The national portfolio teams and the division leaders met this past weekend in Toronto for strategic discussions. Our journey of renewal continues as we look to create a sustainable future for the Canadian Ski Patrol.

One of the topics of discussion will be the sustainability of the Canadian Ski Patrol’s advanced first aid program. Our program is well respected in the industry, and we are proud of both the program and the quality of our training. However, we have identified concerns with our ability to continue to maintain and advance our own program given ever-increasing demands, expectations for blended learning, varied jurisdictional requirements and new technological considerations, to mention just a few challenges. In many ways, we have already stretched the limits of our volunteers to get our program to where it is today.

Looking to the future, we will be investigating the concept of potentially licensing a third party’s first aid program. We would still train our patrollers to the highest level of first aid. However, this approach would allow us to focus on our specialty: training our members to deliver first aid and rescue services on the snow and in non-urban settings. After some preliminary discussions, we are focusing our efforts on exploring potential collaboration with the Canadian Red Cross. It’s important to emphasize this is a concept, and we are just at the start of a process. No decisions have been made. And there are many questions to be answered. We will share more information as we go down this path.

Our commitment to certifying patrollers to the highest standard will not change. And we are committed to maintaining and growing the Canadian Ski Patrol brand. We believe the future is bright as we continue our efforts to be a modern, professional and relevant partner to the snow industry and beyond.


Anne Haley-Callaghan



Colin Saravanamuttoo

President and Chief Executive Officer


FAQ: Potential licensing of a third party first aid program


Investigating the potential to license a third party first aid program