Dear zone presidents:

At the leadership conference held at Big White earlier this year a motion was made, and carried, that the division presidents were to become part of the Management Committee. Over the last number of months the division presidents and the Management Committee have had a number of calls and conversations about how to begin this integration.

The division presidents formed a group of three to work through how and what it would look like to have nine more people attend the Management Committee meetings. The group looked at a number of factors: costs, time, and effectiveness of having 14 people at the table. Our group came to the conclusion that it was financially unsustainable to have this many DPs attend four extra meetings a year.

Our group said that we believed that three current division presidents should be on the Management Committee. This was put to the Management Committee and more discussions took place. At our meeting in Toronto last month we again had more discussions about our integration into the Management Committee.

The result of the discussions in Toronto is that the division presidents have formed a working group.  This working group is comprised of the nine division presidents, with a chair, a vice-chair and a recording secretary. The chair (or alternate) will sit on the Management Committee as a representative of the other division presidents. We are also going to have a division president and an alternate as members of each of the three portfolios, Training and Development, Brand and Partners, and Business Operations; we will also all remain in the Members and Resorts portfolio.

We are learning our way through this process and as we move forward we are open to moving more people onto the Management Committee if the need arises. It is our collective belief that through this structure we, the division presidents will be better able to have input on all areas of the CSP. We will be part of the decision-making process and we will co-own the national programs from the outset. We will be better able to present ideas, concerns and feedback directly to the portfolios from you the zone presidents, and provide information and direction directly back to you. It’s important to emphasize we will represent the zone interests at the national table and equally the national interest at the zone level.


The positions and emails are as follows:

Chair– Ian Bowen, Pacific South Division (

Vice-Chair– Bruce Boynton, Ontario Division (

Recording Secretary– Dave Swindlehurst, Mountain Division (

Brand and Partners – Dennis Ambrose, Saskatchewan Division ( / alternate – Mike Salyzyn, Atlantic East Division (

Training and Development – Bill Hellyer, Pacific North Division ( / alternate – Geoff Lamontagne, Manitoba Division (

Business Operations – Doug Couture, Atlantic West Division ( / alternate – Dave Swindlehurst, Mountain Division (


As mentioned, we are all still part of the Members and Resorts portfolio as well as the above positions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let Colin or me know. We are excited about this new structure as we continue on our journey of renewal.


Ian Bowen

Pacific South Division President

Chair, Division President Working Group

Division president representation on national management committee