By Greg McCormick, VP Brand and Partners (

Communication is critical to any organization, and the Canadian Ski Patrol is no different. In our fast-paced lives, we all want to receive short and succinct messages. The balance is finding an effective approach while meeting this goal. The CSP has several means to communicate, targeting both the message and the audience.

Patrol Bulletin is our new communication channel. Reserved exclusively for timely and critical updates from the national organization, this email will be delivered to all active CSP members. The intent is to ensure that all members receive messages such as the recent announcement of the third-party licensing concept. It is anticipated that this channel will only be used a few times per season.

Need to Know has been in place for almost a full year. This directed communication goes to key leaders in the CSP, namely division and zone presidents, national portfolio vice-presidents and their directors, the board of directors, and our paid staff. This channel was opened after requests from zone and division leaders, not to mix important communiques with the rest of the content in 5/5.

Our newsletter, 5/5, will see changes in January. Currently, 5/5 articles are posted on our website in the Member News, and MailChimp, an email messaging service, collects the new articles and creates the email that each member receives. These articles are held until the publication deadline for 5/5.

Messages will now be posted as soon as they are edited and translated. The 5/5 will become a monthly summary of all of the articles posted during the month. Members can wait for the monthly newsletter (delivered at the end of each month), or periodically check the website for any updates. As an article is published to the Member News, the link to the article will be shared on our social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter). Social media is an important communication medium, and messages that would normally have gone out only by email may now be copied over to social media, depending upon the content and the intended audience.

The Area Operators’ Communique is sent to all of our area managers, and there will be a similar product for our pro-deals, starting later this season. Both will be available in the shared files area of the national database system (NDS).

These changes are intended to increase communication flow within the organization. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to send me an email.

Keeping you informed – changes are coming