By Craig Taggart, Recognition Committee Chair (

In April 2017, a review of the national awards program was undertaken by a diverse committee with representation from across the country, varied years of experience and levels of recognition, and a mix of French-speaking and English-speaking individuals. Their mandate was to review and make recommendations across the national awards program. This included the application process, awards criteria, the selection process and committee make-up, and the actual presentation, including the recipient’s physical award, the physical national award, and the ceremony. The report was presented to the national management committee and board of directors in September and most of the recommendations made were adopted.

The CSP appreciates all of the work of committee members Craig Taggart, Clifford Leigh-Mossley, Sinead Anderson, Nancy Askin, Anick Vaillancourt, and Ian Bowen.

It’s now easier than ever to nominate an individual. The new format provides targeted questions for each award with a limit to the amount of information which can be provided. Questions are specific to each award, rather than generic. The selection committee will be able to focus on specific information, rather than lengthy write-ups and trying to read between the lines. Award criteria are a little less strict and, by removing the hard criteria, a wider range of candidates will become eligible for each award.

Four new awards have been added: the Alison Smith Leadership Award, the CSP Special Recognition Award, the CSP Appreciation Award, and the the Diamond Award. Three awards have been retired (Outstanding Division Award, International Award, Ski Industry Award) and three more have been renamed: the Safety Award (formerly the Safe Skiing Award), Dr. Douglas Firth Zone of the Year Award (formerly the Outstanding Zone Award), and the Zone Growth and Progress Award (formerly the Zone Development Award).

The program has been renamed the “CSP Recognition Program,” reflective of the expanded scope to recognize individuals for a variety of accomplishments and tasks. The entire recognition program document is available on the members information page of the national website (

Nominations have been extended and close on January 31, 2018 for all awards, for this year only. It is important to remember that any member in good standing can nominate another for recognition. It is not just up to zone presidents, division presidents, patrol leaders and others in leadership position

Don’t wait for someone else to make a nomination … you are someone’s, someone else!

If you have questions about the program, please feel free to contact CSP Recognition Committee Chair Craig Taggart at

Awards program gets overhaul