Dear zone presidents and division presidents,

I have been asked by the CSP board of directors to chair the meet-the-candidate session at Altitude 2018 and I am writing to ask for your assistance.

One of your most important functions, as a zone or division president, is your direct input into the election of board members.  The fundamental role of the national board of directors is to lay out a strategic plan that the management teamthen implements to ensure the continued growth and success of the CSP.

At Altitude 2018, this March in Quebec City, there will be a meet-the-candidate session. This session is a chance for all presidents to meet the members of the CSP who see themselves as having the qualities to guide the CSP forward.

All candidates will have their resumés posted on the national website prior to Altitude 2018.

During the meet-the-candidates session, each candidate will be given a maximum of two minutes to introduce themselves and tell everyone what they bring to the table.

At least two weeks prior to the Altitude conference, each candidate will be given the same two questions. During this session, they will be given the opportunity to provide their answers (two minutes per question).

Following this, each candidate will be asked two to four new questions received just prior.

Once each candidate has made their presentation, the group will convene and 10 minutes will be allowed for the audience to ask questions in a casual face-to-face format.


Request for zone presidents and division presidents:

Please submit one or two questions for candidates to answer that you believe target what is most relevant to the growth and future success of the CSP.


A committee consisting of two board members not seeking re-election and a division president not seeking election or a national management position will finalize the list of questions.

Please return your questions directly to me by email ( by Sunday, March 4th, 2018.



Ross Forbes


A request for zone presidents and division presidents