By Susan Elder, Inter-Mountain Zone ( and Jennifer Delaney, Leadership Conference Team Member (

Get forward. Don’t bend at the waist. You’re sitting back.

How many times have women heard those comments from our well-meaning male counterparts? We all love skiing and yet we do it differently. It’s taken time, but it’s dawned on us that female skiers are not smaller versions of male skiers. Our bodies are put together differently and we ski differently – vive la difference. 

The women’s clinic at Altitude is designed by women skiers to benefit women skiers. We’ll look at how women are physiologically different, what challenges those differences create and solutions to those challenges. Looking at what works well for us on the hill, tips and tricks and different ways of approaching problems will help us come away with new approaches. Let’s enjoy learning together in a group.

We’ll do a few drills and skills on snow to demonstrate what we are talking about. We’ll work with toboggans from the perspective of a woman. All the while, we’ll be working together as patrol sisters, supporting each other and celebrating what it is to be a woman patroller.

We are so looking forward to bonding with our fellow patrol sisters from across the country. If you are a woman and want to attend this clinic, why not register for the Altitude conference right now? Visit the CSP website at, click on Altitude, click on Registration, and be sure to pick the Women’s Clinic for your Saturday morning session. See you there.

Women’s clinic at Altitude – Saturday, March 24, 2018 (9 a.m. to 12 noon)