Dear division presidents and zone presidents,

1. Due to technical issues, the February edition of 5/5 for Patrollers was delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

2. Zone President’s Meeting – agenda items for the meeting can be forwarded to Bruce Boynton (Division President – Ontario) at Our legal counsel, Jean-Marc Ferland, will be moderating the session.

3. Altitude 2018 Auction – Edge Rescue Toboggan – Toby Willey, President of Edge Rescue, has graciously donated an Edge Rescue HD-series toboggan as a silent auction item. If you are interested in bidding on this item, please reach out to someone attending the conference to place a bit for you (such as your division president!).




Greg McCormick, Vice-President of Brand and Partners



Update – Zone President’s Meeting Agenda / Altitude 2018 Auction – Edge Rescue Toboggan