Arriving for his lunch break one day at his remote work area in Val d’Or, Quebec in August 2017, Martin Plante noticed a fellow employee looking quite grey, and being slightly unaware of his surroundings. The individual began to tremble, spill his coffee with no reaction, experience a change in facial expression, and start to froth at the mouth. Martin helped the individual to the floor. He noted an irregular pulse – both in strength and regularity. Suddenly, the pulse stopped.

Martin began CPR, however, due to the presence of liquid around the mouth and lack of a barrier device, he was left using compressions only. After seven minutes, pulse and breathing returned. The patient was then transported to hospital and thanks to the skills of Martin Plante, has made a complete recovery from his cardiac arrest.

Early recognition, monitoring and decisive action kept this man alive.

For his quick thinking, and actions in assessing, and treating, the CSP was honoured to present the John D Harper Lifesaving Award to Martin Plante this past March in Quebec City.

Caption: (l-r) CSP President and CEO Colin Saravanamuttoo, Representing the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC), Patrice Pouliot, Martin Plante, Quebec Division President Pierre Charest (photo by Peter Kelly)

Lifesaving Award – Martin Plante (Quebec Zone)