Here is the complete list of national awards presented at the 2018 Altitude Conference held in Quebec City, Quebec. Over the course of the coming year, a number of articles will be presented in 5/5 to tell the stories for some of these awards.

Name Zone Division Award No.
25 Year Service
Greg Baker Central Ontario
Sandra Benetti Central Ontario
Jamie Bosomworth Central Ontario
Chris Boutcher Red River Manitoba
Edgar Dueck Southern Alberta Mountain
Leonard Fornelli Gatineau Quebec
Martin Gagnon Saguenay Lac St. Jean Quebec
Jamie Hare Fundy Atlantic West
Marie Hay Western Ontario
Irene Hazell Southern Alberta Mountain
Dennis Hazell Southern Alberta Mountain
Mark Hutley Muskoka Ontario
Michelle Ingall Greater Vancouver Pacific South
Cathy Koenig Central Ontario
Robin Lalancette De Lanaudiere Quebec
Geoff Lamontagne Northern Manitoba Manitoba
Alexis Lavoie Saguenay Lac St. Jean Quebec
Robert Lemire Eastern Township Quebec
Rino Martin North Border Atlantic West
Van McLean Red River Manitoba
Robert Reimer Calgary Mountain
Lynn Ronnebeck Lake of the Woods Manitoba
Daryl Schofield Kawartha Ontario
Mark Stoller Red Deer Mountain
Pascal Taschereau Eastern Township Quebec
Marty van Keulin Edmonton Mountain
Deanna Windsor Prince George Pacific North
Lesley Wos Central Ontario
50 Year Service
Richard Kerluck Red River Manitoba
Harold Goldstein Central Ontario
National Appreciation Award
Aline Simoneau Bois-Francs Quebec 1712
Bob Lidstone Central Ontario 1713
Dan Elliot Central Ontario 1714
Daniel Segal Qu’Appelle Saskatchewan 1715
Daniel Côté Bois-Francs Quebec 1716
Denise Sebastian-Pyper Kawartha Ontario 1717
Francois Bélanger Eastern Township Quebec 1718
Gary Ogle Confederation Atlantic West 1719
Ian Menzies Parkland Saskatchewan 1720
Jodie-Marc Lalonde Muskoka Ontario 1721
Jonathan Richards Qu’Appelle Saskatchewan 1722
Lana Abrahamson Battle Saskatchewan 1723
Lyne Croteau Bois-Francs Quebec 1724
Michael Huggins Nova Scotia Atlantic East 1725
Michael Salyzyn Nova Scotia Atlantic East 1727
René Arseneau Eastern Township Quebec 1728
Ric Sack  Ogopogo Pacific South 1729
Stephanie Brisebois Eastern Township Quebec 1730
Canadian Ski Patroller Award
Andrew Larcombe Frontenac Ontario 922
Bernie Robicheau Nova Scotia Atlantic East 923
Bruce Boynton Sault Ste. Marie Ontario 924
Cindy LeBlanc Fundy Atlantic West 925
Daniela Graham Central Ontario 926
Gilles Trudel Quebec Quebec 927
John Olsen Central Ontario 928
Liz Horner Peace Mountain 929
Richard Asselin Red River Manitoba 930
Ronald Mackenzie Kawartha Ontario 931
Veronika Marokhazi Central Ontario 932
Mark Labow Diamond Award
Mark Labow Laurentian Quebec
Alison Smith Memorial Leadership Award
Jennifer Anderson Nova Scotia Atlantic East
Dr. Douglas Firth Zone of the Year Award
Gatineau Zone Richard Eaton, President Quebec
John D. Harper Lifesaving Awards
Robert Paige Red River Manitoba
Pierre Leclaire Central Ontario
Robert Birkett Central Ontario
Jean Côté Eastern Township Quebec
Martin Plante Quebec Quebec
Jacqueline McIlmoyl Qu’Appelle Saskatchewan
Outstanding Executive Award
Cindy LeBlanc Fundy Atlantic West
Public Relations Award
Stephen Fisher, Jennifer Delaney
Paul Lewis, Gary Collins Kawartha Ontario
Life Member Award
Anne Haley-Callaghan Palliser Mountain 68
Richard Crooks Nova Scotia Altantic East 69
National awards 2018