By: Brian Low, ICP National Coordinator (

Instructor – conditional (I-C): new equivalence criteria

The CSP is recognized as a premier trainer of advanced first aid across Canada. It constantly monitors and adjusts program content and protocols to maintain its high quality standards. The CSP is proud of its high-calibre instructional team. Furthermore, the CSP is privileged to have regular members representing a wide variety of professions and with a wide variety of professional qualifications. Included among those are experienced professional trainers and those with instructor training qualifications from a number of recognized training organizations. These experienced individuals are in a position to enhance and add to the number of well-trained and experienced CSP instructors. The CSP recognizes this and offers conditional certification as a CSP instructor for one year if the listed prerequisites are met. Within one year, if all further requirements are met, the CSP instructor certification will be fully recognized and the individual will be certified as an instructor on an ongoing basis if all recertification criteria are met in accordance with CSP procedures.

Details on prerequisites and I-C certification have been shared with division training managers for distribution and the updated Instructor Certification Manual – 2018 will be available on the NDS in the coming weeks.


ICP review

The national training and development committee has provisionally approved future changes to the instructor certification program subject to detailed implementation steps and training modules being presented for approval in the fall of 2018. These changes include the elimination of the assistant instructor (AI) certification level and consolidation of the certification curriculum and standards of the AI and I levels. Additional changes will be made to the instructor yearly update and three-year recertification cycle and include the introduction of a one-day seminar for first year instructors in either advanced first aid (AFA) and/or on snow (OS) disciplines.

To transition to the new ICP model in this training year, a curriculum has been created to allow regular members with two years of experience to enter the instructor certification course directly, bypassing the AI course. This transition program incorporates modules from both programs to ensure all instructional resources are available to new instructors. Division training managers have this information for distribution to zones.

The CSP values the contribution of its instructors and truly appreciates the thousands of hours contributed to support our patrollers to be the very best they can be as they deliver first aid and on snow rescue services across Canada.

What’s new for 2018 in the instructor certification program (ICP)