By Greg McCormick, VP Brand and Partners (


We are happy to share a new proposal for our Altitude conference. This acknowledges and we hope addresses concerns raised by zone and division leaders over the last year, including financial concerns and that value-for-money must be a key driver in any decision process. Discussions continue on this proposal, including analysis of the costs involved for an on-snow event.

An alternating off-snow/on-snow conference model is proposed as follows:

  • 2019: off-snow event in early June in Toronto.
  • 2020: on-snow event in mid to late April at Sunshine Village (Banff, Alberta).

Beyond 2020, the conference would then alternate between off-season and in-season events. In-season events would be held at CSP-affiliated ski areas in western Canada; off-season events would be held in cities with a competitive conference market and an airport with direct connections to major Canadian cities. Planning for the in-season event would take place at the same time as the off-season event, giving zones and divisions ample opportunity to prepare.

The conference would include the following business elements:

  • The annual general meeting.
  • A meet-the-candidates session.
  • The election of new board directors.
  • A zone presidents’ meeting.
  • A review of the CSP fiscal year.
  • The national recognition and awards ceremony.

In-season events would be designed with training sessions and equipment demos being key, including many delivered on the snow or at least at the resort. Both the national first-aid competition and the national on-snow training session would follow the conference. Options for on-snow events in the off-season conference years are under consideration. The off-season conference would include portfolio meetings and practical leadership and operational training opportunities to support those who manage the operation of the CSP. Additional training sessions for other members could be added based on need.

Quotes for the 2019 conference are under review and a decision on the specific venue will be made shortly. The agenda and online-registration will be available in September so that attendees can plan accordingly and take advantage of any discount travel available through early purchase.

We are excited to propose this new model and look forward to continued discussion on making it an event that works for all members. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a safe and enjoyable Canadian summer.

Altitude 2019 and 2020 Conference Update