August 9, 2018


Interim billing procedures effective September 1, 2018


Interim billing is the process of incrementally invoicing the zones for membership certification fees.

Be advised, the national office will issue interim invoices utilizing percentages based on prior year completed registrations, the process will commence September 15, 2018 as follows:

  • Interim invoicing will be based on zones prior year membership.
  • Invoicing will be completed in 5 smaller increments of 20%.
  • Incremental invoicing to be released on
    • Sep 15, 2018,
    • Oct 15, 2018,
    • Nov 15, 2018, and
    • Dec 15, 2018, with payment due upon receipt.
  • NDS member registration deadline is on or before December 15, 2018.
  • Card return deadline is on or before January 15, 2019.
  • Cards returned after January 15, 2019 must have written approval.
  • Final invoice will be released Jan 20, 2019 with payment due upon receipt. This will provide enough time for zones to correct any errors and/or omissions in the NDS in order to alleviate unnecessary credits being issued by the national office.

Interim billing will continue until on-line registration is fully implemented.  Zones that will be part of pilot project of on-line registrations will be exempt from interim billing.


Benefits for zones:

Historically, invoicing always involved some amount of upfront payment—often a deposit of 50% which caused financial hardship on some areas, with interim billing spread over a five month period, zones can make small, continuous payments as the certification season progresses, easier for them to manage their cash flow.


Benefits for national office:

With an interim billing cycle, National Office will have a consistent flow of cash coming in from September-January which will also enable them to better manage cash flow.


Special notation on card returns – as above, the deadline for card returns has been changed from December 1, 2018 to January 15, 2019.


Please address comments or questions to the undersigned.




Pam FitzGerald, CSP 780

Corporate Financial Advisor

Interim billing procedures effective September 1, 2018