By Heidi Schedler, National Human Resources Committee Chair (

Change can be difficult.  It can also be exciting, refreshing, rejuvenating and beneficial. But, sometimes all we feel is resistance or push-back. Some responses that might suggest you are having a difficult time navigating change include:

  • “I just don’t think we should mess with history.”
  • “But we’ve been doing it this way for years.”
  • “That’s stupid!”
  • “You are going to ruin this organization.”

Try to think of statements like these as white sugar – they give you an instant rush or sense of relief, but contribute no nutritional value. When you are navigating change, you want to avoid the white sugar commentary and focus on adding value. Rather than making statements, ask questions. Not passive-aggressive questions, but legitimate questions that communicate what you are feeling, while also adding value:

  • “I’m having a hard time with what you are suggesting, can you explain what this change will mean for me?”
  • “I’m not sure I understand why we need to do this, can you explain it again?”
  • “Why do we need to change the way we do things now? What isn’t working?”

Another key piece in successfully navigating change is accepting that even though you may not agree with the change, it will still happen. And that is okay. In organizations like the CSP, change is strategic, planned, discussed and progressive. It is not personal.

Respect is going to help us to navigate change. Please take a few minutes to review our new Mutual Respect Policy. We all have a role to play in communicating more respectfully, particularly as we navigate change.

Respect – navigating change