By Craig Taggart, National Recognition Committee Chair (


The deadline for national recognition awards nominations has passed and the review committee is hard at work scoring them. One issue that has arisen is the completeness of the awards listings in patrollers’ profiles on the NDS. We need your help.

Please log on to the NDS and review your personal profile to check and be sure that the list of zone, division and national awards you have received is up-to-date. By doing this, you ensure that the committee has access to, and information regarding, prerequisite awards required for some of the national awards. If there are awards missing, you simply need to ask the individual responsible for awards in your zone or division to add them in to your profile.

While you are there, please also check to see that your years of service listing is accurate. If you joined before the year 2000, the number of years of service prior to that time needs to be entered and will appear at the top of the list. Please note that any years of non-active service from your date of initial registration will not count toward years of service totals. Again, if the number is not correct, please check with your zone or division administrator for it to be updated.

Have a great ski season and we look forward seeing everything up-to-date soon.

Please update your NDS profile