March 13, 2020


Dear Members,

We have received many questions regarding COVID-19 and Altitude 2020. Specifically, people are interested in our plans for Altitude 2020 and whether we plan to cancel or postpone the conference in light of COVID-19.

Will Altitude 2020 go ahead?

While Altitude 2020 is twelve weeks away, the CSP management and board of directors have decided to POSTPONE Altitude 2020 to be held in June in Calgary. We are investigating the possibility of moving Altitude 2020 to a date in August and hosting the conference at the same venue in Calgary.

A meeting was held on Friday March 13, 2020 with the CSP national board of directors, national management committee, and the division presidents. We reviewed a risk analysis to hold the meeting and reviewed a variety of options. The decision to postpone Altitude 2020 was unanimous.

Next Steps

Management will be reaching out to the zone presidents to determine if an August 2020 date is suitable for Altitude to be rescheduled. VPs will be reaching out to their committee members to determine if August 2020 is a suitable date to meet. We will continue to work with the Altitude 2020 planning committee to arrange the necessary plans for an alternative date.

The CSP National Board of Directors meets on April 9, 2020 and will decide on the future dates and next steps for Altitude 2020, including when and how the CSP Annual General Meeting of Members will be held. You will be contacted within the next week and if you have any questions, please contact Zoe Robinson, President and CEO.

Flights that are already booked

The decision to cancel a flight already booked or wait until a new date is announced is up to the individual member. The CSP assumes no responsibility for cancelled flights.

Will I get a refund on my registration?

Yes, your registration fees will be refunded.



Zoe Robinson, CPA, CMA

President and CEO


COVID-19 and Altitude 2020