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November 9, 2020

Dear zone presidents and division presidents,

We are pleased to share the program details for the new CSP Helly Hansen Uniform Program. Zones and Divisions are now able to order uniform items for this season based on the information below.

Attached to this message are three documents. The first is the Helly Hansen CSP Uniform Guide, which is specific to the uniform garments the CSP has chosen to make available this season. Note that this year we are offering pants as well as jackets – we encourage you to forward this document to your members, and a dedicated page will be made available on the Members web site soon. The sizing guide can be found at the back of the document. For our francophone members, we translated the critical pieces (namely the product descriptions), and these have been saved in a separate PDF document. Please use the product description along side the sizing guide when making selections. While it would have been ideal to have all of the material available in French, in consultation with Québec Division leadership, we focused on only the critical material necessary for this year. We will work with Helly Hansen over the coming months to produce a fully bilingual document.

Helly Hansen – CSP catalogue (Winter 2020)

The second document is the Helly Hansen order form in Microsoft Excel format. Once complete, the order form can be submitted to where it will be received, validated and then forwarded to Helly Hansen Canada for processing. Please note that only division presidents and zone presidents are eligible to submit the form for this season. If you have a supply or procurement officer who will handle the order, kindly inform Michele Doherty ( and Renée Thivierge ( at the National Office. For this year, payment will be processed through the National Office; again, we hope to have an e-commerce site soon. Shipping and taxes are extra and all items will be drop shipped. All orders must be prepaid.

Helly Hansen – CSP uniform order

Finally, the name badge order form is slightly modified this year. Helly Hansen jackets come factory-supplied with a hook and loop receiver (commonly known as Velcro™). The size of this patch fits the sublimated name badge that has been available to zones that require a badge for a resort-specific uniform. To modify the Helly Hansen jacket to accept the larger name badge worn on the previous Avalanche uniform would increase the cost of the garment well above the value of a new name badge. With this in mind, we elected to maintain the factory name badge receiver and zones will have to purchase a new “Helly Hansen” name badge for their members, at a cost of $5 per badge.
Name badge orders need to be forwarded to the CSP National Office by November 20, 2020 – please send the form to There has been no change in the order process and turn-around time. Badges should be shipped prior to the Christmas holidays.

CSP name badge order form

Order process:
Step 1 – Zone selects the products they wish to order and completes the order form accordingly. Please do not modify it from the Microsoft Excel format.
Step 2 – Helly Hansen order form is emailed to
Step 3 – CSP National Office validates the order form and sends it to Helly Hansen Canada for fulfillment.
Step 4 – Helly Hansen communicates with the CSP zone to complete the payment process. They will also advise of the available stock, shipping options and transit dates to the zone. Payment will be made to the CSP National Office. No handling fees will be applied. All orders are drop shipped, shipping and taxes are extra and the order must be prepaid.
Step 5 – The CSP zone will receive email updates from Helly Hansen about the status of the order (process, shipped, in transit, etc).

Helly Hansen garments are worn by over 50,000 professionals in a variety of settings – from alpine rescue to aboard rescue vessels in the North Sea. We are proud of our new partnership with Helly Hansen, and hope that you look sharp and feel proud in your new uniforms.

Questions on the program, ordering process or garments can be forwarded to – if we cannot answer the question outright, we will contact Helly Hansen on your behalf.

Greg McCormick, VP Communications and Marketing

Michael Hewett, Pro-deals and Uniform Program Manager

Renée Thivierge, CSP National Manager

Helly Hansen CSP Uniform Ordering Procedures / Name Badge Orders

This post is also available in: Français