[:en]Canadian Ski Patrol advanced first aid evaluations review[:fr]Évaluations des aptitudes en secourisme avancé au sein de la Patrouille canadienne de ski [:]

[:en] By Nancy Askin, Evaluations Coordinator (nancy.askin@skipatrol.ca) Presently all members of the CSP must successfully complete a series of evaluations including a series of skills (advanced first aid training record), one diagnostic evaluation, a 100-question multiple choice evaluation covering all

[:en]Early notice of member proposals and nominations for board of directors[:fr]Préavis concernant les propositions de membre et les candidatures aux élections des administrateurs nationaux[:]

[:en] By Anne Haley-Callaghan, Corporate Secretary (anne.haley-callaghan@skipatrol.ca) The Canadian Ski Patrol will hold the annual general meeting of members, as required by our bylaw and the The Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, during Altitude 2020 in Calgary next June.   In January,

[:en]Only a few spots left – maybe, for the 2020 Mountain Division Ski Improvement Clinic[:fr]Clinique de perfectionnement de ski de la division Mountain (2020) – quelques places encore disponibles[:]

[:en] By Geoff Scotton, Ski Improvement Clinic Coordinator, Mountain Division geoffscotton@skipatrol.ca Time may have run out to be part of the 2020 CSP Mountain Division Ski Improvement Clinic, held at B.C.’s Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in January and February. The