[:en]Communicating with skiers and snowboarders with poor English language skills: What helps?[:fr]Communiquer avec les skieurs et planchistes ayant une connaissance médiocre de l’anglais : que faire?[:]

[:en]By Peter Lavalley, Qu’Appelle Zone, Saskatchewan Division (Lnpet@myaccess.ca)   Patroller responses to the earlier article (5/5 Blog, May 5, 2019) confirmed that communicating with people with poor English language skills or cultural differences can hamper patrollers’ abilities to provide first

[:en]The legendary Mountain Division Ski Improvement Clinic is filling up fast. Don’t miss it.[:fr]Le nombre des inscriptions à la légendaire clinique de perfectionnement de ski de la division Mountain ne cesse de croître. Une occasion à ne pas manquer. [:]

[:en]By Geoff Scotton, Ski Improvement Clinic Coordinator, Mountain Division geoffscotton@skipatrol.ca   Looking for the perfect winter ski holiday? A great deal with an awesome crowd on epic terrain at a world-class resort? Look no further – and don’t wait too