Candidates Leverage Ski Patrol Training

Candidates Put Ski Patrol Training to Good Use

The Qu’Appelle Zone saw an increase in the number of persons who enrolled in ski patrol training (October, 2018). Of the 11 candidates who took the training, approximately 81% currently patrol at Mission Ridge Winter Park (Fort Qu’Appelle, SK).

Some candidates are using their training to support other professional interests. While one has moved to the Rockies to patrol in a larger ski area, two are enrolled in a program to become professional outdoor guides.

Another candidate, Bryce Schroers, the Southern Rep for the Saskatchewan Section of the “Alpine Club Canada,” will travel to Nepal this year to climb Nirekha Peak. He is also training to run the Black Spur Ultra Marathon in Kimberley, B.C. this summer.

He points out that being a ski patroller has given him hands-on experience dealing with accidents and causalities, increasing his confidence in dealing with a variety of injuries. His training and experience as a ski patroller will no doubt serve him well if he encounters any unforeseen medical situations in Nepal.

That many candidates are using their training to fulfill a commitment to patrol at Saskatchewan resorts is positive. It is also positive that some see their training and its quality as a valuable component in their professional development for other careers and outdoor pursuits.


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