Communicable Disease Prevention Plan
Submitted by: Greater Vancouver Zone Canadian Ski Patrol (GVZ CSP)
Event: 16 & 17 October 2021 Winter Extreme Ski & Board Swap
Location: PNE Forum

This Communicable Disease Prevention Plan covers three groups relevant to our ski swap:
i. Volunteers – CSP is a volunteer organisation, this event is volunteer organised and staffed
ii. Exhibitors and vendors
iii. Event attendees/customers
Our four-step plan for the ski swap follows the template and guide from WorkSafeBC’s ‘Communicable disease prevention: A guide for employees’ and references material from the BC Centre for Disease Control’s guidance for employers and businesses.

1. Understand and assess the risk
• A weekly review of communicable disease related information issued by the BC provincial health officer will be carried out by the GVZ CSP Safety Officer. This review will encompass orders, guidance, notices and recommendations. The Safety Officer will communicate this information to the ski swap committee and change in risk for the event will be assessed accordingly.
• Additional measures will be implemented as advised by Public Health during periods of elevated risk.

2. Implement measures, practices, and policies to reduce the risk
• Supporting staff (all volunteers) who have symptoms of a communicable disease – when staff are signing up for a shift, they will be required to confirm “If I am experiencing any COVID symptoms, including cough, fever or chills, I will not attend my shift or the swap.”
• Requiring vaccine passports and supporting government ID to be shown by all three groups relevant to our swap on entry. Volunteers, exhibitors and vendors will also be required to show proof on the preceding day during event setup.
• Masks will be mandatory at all stages of the event.
• We will provide hand sanitization stations throughout the venue and reinforce with signage to remind all present to wash their hands regularly and cover coughs and sneezes.
• Point of sale surfaces will have hand sanitizer available for cashier and customer use. The cashier will also have spray sanitizer available to regularly disinfect the counter and debit/credit machine. An additional table at each register will enforce physical distancing between the cashier and customers.
• Physical distancing will be required at the event and reinforced with signage reminders and visual markings at points of sale to manage lineups.
• High touch surfaces will be regularly sanitized – door handles, counters, table surfaces, etc.
• The rented venue controls building ventilation, but we will improve air circulation within the building by opening doors and windows wherever possible.
• We will implement any relevant additional measures as advised by Public Health, as identified in the Safety Officer’s regular review.

3. Communicate measures, practices and policies
• Volunteers:
o When registering for shifts, volunteers will be informed not to show up for their shift or the swap if they are experiencing communicable disease symptoms. We will communicate during registration that they will need to provide their vaccine passport and ID each day of event attendance and setup.
o Debriefs to volunteers each day of the event and setup will include a COVID safety summary, including the importance of physical distancing, hand and surface sanitization, and the need to stay at home or leave if experiencing any symptoms with no consequences to their standing at CSP.
• Exhibitors and vendors:
o Our Communicable Disease Prevention Plan will be shared with this group and associated safety requirements/expectations for the event will be agreed before their setup at the event.
o We will communicate they will need to provide their vaccine passport and ID each day of event attendance and setup.
• Event attendees/customers
o Signage outside the event will communicate that masks are mandatory and vaccine passport and government issued ID will be required for entry. Signage will also communicate NOT to enter if experiencing any communicable disease symptoms.
o Signage will be posted throughout the venue to remind attendees to practice physical distancing and hand hygiene.

4. Monitor our workplace and update plan as necessary
• We will designate one staff member for each day of the swap as champions of this prevention plan. They’ll be responsible for circulating through the event to ensure all three groups are adhering to the plan and provide gentle reminders where necessary.
• Our event is two days in duration. After the first day, the ski swap committee will evaluate the measures, policies and practices based on the day’s experience in consultation with the daily staff member championing the plan.
• Any issues or concerns with health and safety at the event, including those concerning this plan, will be immediately escalated to Dennis Dion, Manager of the Winter Extreme Ski & Board Swap.