By Craig Taggart, National Recognition Committee Chair (


Do you know a patroller doing outstanding work or implementing innovative initiatives? The time to recognize those efforts is now. The deadline for nominations is January 15, 2019.

The value of formal recognition programs within volunteer and non-profit organizations is immeasurable. The Canadian Ski Patrol is not a business where we can recognize outstanding achievement through monetary bonuses, so it is even more important that we recognize our members through awards.

In 2017, a committee was struck to review and overhaul the entire CSP awards program — from the awards themselves, through to the method of presentation, and even the program name. Last year, the national recognition program debuted, and the response was positive. New criteria and updated physical awards were developed.

This year, some improvements have been made surrounding some of the requirements for awards, as well as a better outline of what information is needed for each nomination. These changes are available on the NDS.

Nominations for most awards can be made by any CSP member in good standing. Criteria for the awards are clearly outlined within the recognition program document. Nominations are made online through the ‘Submit an Award’ selection on the NDS.

Recognition costs little, but has great value. It should not only be a large part of any volunteer organization, but also a major celebration. The CSP Recognition program has been developed to recognize members for the tremendous work and effort which they bring to patrolling.

Do not wait for others to take action and submit a nomination. Often, we wait for “someone else” to do that … you can be that “someone else.”

If you have any questions about the national recognition program, please contact National Recognition Committee Chair Craig Taggart, at

Nominations for the CSP recognition program are now open

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