Icebreaker clothing is again available this season through the CSP Pro-Deals. Icebreaker is excited to continue the relationship and looks forward to another great year.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but we believe that originality is the better way to go. Different feels good, it looks good, and it performs unlike any other. As the original natural performance brand, our challenge for you is this…

Don’t follow.

Don’t fall in.

Don’t jog along behind.

Don’t toe the line.

Strike out, change direction, tell a different story and head for somewhere new!

Driven by the belief that nature has the solutions, Icebreaker provides natural performance alternatives to plastic-based apparel to create a healthier, more sustainable future for our species and our planet. Discover our new FW18 line where base layer is re-examined through a new lens, mid layers are given hybrid form, outer layers are made with sustainable MerinoLOFT, and full merino wool sweaters are introduced. Run, jump, hike or climb…we don’t care what your preference is … just be your own form of made different.

Please also feel free to scour the Icebreaker website for information on our base layer renewal.


The Icebreaker CSP pro deal program can be accessed by logging in as a member to the CSP national website.

Pro Deal Spotlight: Icebreaker – made different

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