The Canadian Ski Patrol’s success is made possible through the hard work and dedication of volunteers across the country. From coast to coast, our volunteers are positively impacting their communities year-round, at local snow resorts and off-hill events.

We want to draw attention to the amazing contributions each and every volunteer makes throughout the year as a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol. And we need your help!

Introducing #myCSPstory campaign

To highlight the great work done by Patrollers in communities across Canada, we are thrilled to be launching social media campaign using the #myCSPstory to be able to capture and highlight stories. This campaign will encourage CSP members and the general public to share with the world how the Canadian Ski Patrol has positively impacted their lives.


CSP Members: how has being a member positively impacted your life?

We often hear stories from members about how being a part of the CSP has enriched their lives and created life changing experiences. We want others to hear about your experience. Share what it means to you to be a CSP member. Why did you become a member and what do you love about being a patroller? What do you get out of being a member? How has being a member impacted your life? As members you are our most enthusiastic brand ambassadors so we encourage you to share your CSP story – and encourage others to as well!


For the general public

CSP members make a provide impact on the lives of those we help both on snow and at off hill events throughout the year. We want those who have been helped by CSP members to share their stories as well. Please help by spreading the word about the #myCSPStory campaign with your friends, family and supporters on social media.


How Sharing Your Story Helps

By sharing your story, you help the CSP raise awareness about the positive impact CPS members make which helps us to recruit new members, retain existing members and demonstrate to our partners, donors and the general public the impact we make.


Heres what wed like you to do

  1. Think about what being a CSP member means to you and write a social media post about your CSP story. Include a photo or video too!
  2. Include the #myCSPstory hashtag and tag the CSP account*
  3. Post on the social media platform of your choice.

* Tweet @CDNskipatrol   |  Facebook: Type @Canadianskipatrol   | Instagram  Tag @CDNskipatrol

Quick Tips for our CSP Brand Ambassadors

  • Be Proud – Share your CSP pride on social media
  • Be Positive – Be upbeat and positive when you share your story.
  • Be Yourself – Being authentic is important when sharing your story!
  • Be Visual – Include photos or video when possible. Words are good but online audiences react better to visuals!
  • Tag a Friend – Have friends from your zone that you think would make great contributions or know someone who’s been helped by CSP members? Tag them in the social media post to encourage them to re-share your story or share their own story!
  • Tag CSP – Include the #myCSPstory hashtag and mention the CSP social media account in your post

If you have comments or questions on #myCSPstory campaign, please contact Greg McCormick, VP Brand and Partners (

Introducing #myCSPstory campaign

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