March 25, 2019


Dear division presidents and zone presidents,

We are approaching a new fiscal year at the beginning of April and are in the process of developing the 2019-2020 operational budget. The Board of Directors has directed me to identify two zone representatives (ZR) who will serve as consultants as we develop next year’s operational budget and financial framework.

The role of the two Zone Representatives will be to:

  • Identify a revenue structure that will enable a reduction in individual members’ fees and maintain enough revenue to support the CSP operations.
  • Identify where the CSP may reduce expenses yet maintain stable operations and management.
  • Identify ways in which the zones and divisions may support national programming initiatives.
  • Assist with developing multiple financial scenarios based on different levels of annual members’ dues.
  • Assist with identifying what type of information should be reported to the Zone and Division Presidents on a quarterly basis.

The Zone Representatives should have experience with developing budgets in a business or a non-profit setting.

The Zone Representatives will assist the CSP President and CEO and the Financial Oversight Committee on this project. The role of consultant is to provide valuable insight from a zone perspective about how the CSP can move forward on a stable financial basis and continue to add value to the individual CSP regular member. Zone Representatives will be asked to actively participate through email correspondence, phone calls with individual members, teleconference calls, and video conferencing calls. The anticipated number of hours of involvement could be between 10 and 20 hours over the next two months.

The budget process is well defined. While management develops the budget and the FOC provides the necessary oversight to ensure the budget is both reasonable and fiscally responsible, the Board of Directors has the authority to finalize and approve the budget. By consulting with the Zone Representatives, we hope to improve the ability to communicate our financial goals with the zones and divisions and ensure the CSP moves forward on stable financial ground.

If you are interested in a Zone Representative position or require more information, please contact Bruce Robinson, President and CEO, directly at no later than April 9, 2019.




Bruce Robinson, CPA, CMA

President and CEO

2019/2020 Operational Budget and Financial Framework – Zone Consultation

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