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I am excited to follow Andrea Burry as the VP of members and resorts (now patrol operations) and have been reconnecting with many I have previously worked with.

In my 43 years as a CSP patroller, I have always held strong connections to my assigned area so that I understood the reality of how decisions made affected day to day patrolling activities. I have served in many senior roles at the zone, division and national levels, including as zone and division president, and nationally as part of the communications team and VP administration. In all those roles I worked to share resources with other zones and divisions.

The CSP is entering another era of transformation for the future. Both of my children have been patrollers for several years and my goal is to ensure that they can pass on the love of patrolling to their children. That will only happen if we meet the challenges of today and work together.

My team continues its dedicated work.

  • Dave Morisset keeps us in line and ensures that leadership materials are up to date.
  • Brian Bennett continues working to ensure all patrollers have the support of trained and certified CSP CISM teams everywhere we patrol.
  • Eleanor Culver has joined the team as chair of the human resources committee to continue the work begun by Heidi Schedler. Heidi and her team developed excellent tools so we all can patrol in a fun and safe environment free of discrimination and to ensure that all patrollers have access to fair, professionally managed support for those times when conflict arises including knowing when, who and why to call for assistance. This doesn’t stop us from having fun, just to know when to stop and how to address issues.
  • Lia Skelding continues to lead the safety team with programs that help educate everyone and build our brand and partner relationships.
  • Until recently, Christian Hamlyn headed up the national recruiting team, working with each division sharing ideas to help all of us bring more people into the CSP. We are seeking a replacement.
  • Don Grant has joined the team as the 365 event coordinator.

The division presidents are now a stand-alone group. I will continue to work with the group so that informed decisions can be made. In turn they will help me to deliver the programs to the zones and patrols.

My goals are simple. We need to make these programs fit your needs and build the components so that we all benefit.

The strength of the CSP is its members. Please feel free to connect with me to share your ideas.

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