By Jack Haley, National First Aid Competition Coordinator (


The Altitude Conference 2020 is to be held in Calgary Alberta, and will also be the site for the next common ground national first aid competition. Given the date, it will not be on snow, although at that time of year we could probably find snow somewhere nearby in the mountains! Rest assured plans are already underway for a great event that will test the skills of competitors.

Teams will be busy working through multiple stations, including team building and stations requiring a variety of skills and abilities. The challenge for the competition development team will be to develop stations such that allow all competitors to have the best possible time while completing each of the challenges, keeping in mind that we learn as much from our mis-steps as we can from the overall experience.

There has already been considerable interest expressed from divisions across the CSP which means that our team will be working very hard to achieve your team’s desired outcomes.

We hope that the training centres, zones and divisions will continue to promote the competition through the training cycle and ski season, looking for possible candidates to build teams. Zone competitions feeding into division competitions are an excellent way to achieve this goal.

More information will be provided as it becomes available, or please contact the coordinator at

National First Aid Competition

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