By Nancy Askin, Evaluations Coordinator (

Presently all members of the CSP must successfully complete a series of evaluations including a series of skills (advanced first aid training record), one diagnostic evaluation, a 100-question multiple choice evaluation covering all of our advanced first aid protocols and theory, a hands-on CPR and AED demonstration as well as a short multiple choice evaluation on CPR AED-related skills and theory.

These evaluations have changed slightly over the years and it is time to take a look at all things related to the evaluations. The following items are being reviewed and considered: passing grade, number of attempts, time between attempts, frequency of evaluations, open book, and line completion options.

Zone and division training managers will soon receive a survey asking for their responses and additional comments to questions about our evaluations. Typical response rates to surveys are less than 30 per cent. I encourage all zone and division training managers to recognize the importance of their responses and respect the purpose of the survey in gathering feedback from the leaders of our AFA delivery and evaluation process.

If you are not a zone or division training manager and would like input, please discuss your thoughts with your zone training manager. They are your communication link in this.

Thank you in advance for your support in completing the survey. Results from the survey and a proposal about our evaluations and the path forward will be discussed at Altitude in June 2020.

Canadian Ski Patrol advanced first aid evaluations review

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