Pete Phillips with President and CEO Zoe Robinson (photo provided by Pete Phillips)

Pete Phillips of Confederation Zone is a Nordic patroller and a paramedic by profession. In late March 2019, he was not in either a patrol or a paramedic uniform, nor did he have the tools that he normally has at his disposal. It was just him and his training.

As he was leaving his doctor’s office, he noticed a lady having some difficulty walking and breathing as she returned to the waiting room from the washroom. He and the lady’s husband assisted her to a chair where she then became unresponsive. Pete quickly assisted the lady to the floor and realizing her unresponsiveness, assessed for a pulse. Detecting none he started chest compressions.

After approximately 10 chest compressions, she came around but very shortly after became unresponsive again. Pete resumed chest compressions and after approximately five more compressions she once again became responsive. He stayed to assess and assist the lady until paramedics were on scene as she was quite disoriented and her breathing and heart rate still irregular.

Despite the proximity of doctors and nurses, Pete Phillips took control of the situation and revived this lady not once but twice, in a calm and professional manner.

For his actions in saving the life of another human being on an average day, not while at work, Pete Phillips has been awarded the John D. Harper Lifesaving Award, which was presented at the 2020 CSP Atlantic West Division awards banquet.

Lifesaving Award – Pete Phillips (Confederation Zone)

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