December 17, 2020


Dear zone presidents and division presidents,

Some questions have been submitted in relation to the uniform ordering process for the Helly Hansen uniforms after the Need to Know message of November 9, 2020:


As a multi-national firm, Helly Hansen does the majority of its communications in English. Unfortunately, Helly Hansen was unable to provide fully translated materials in French for use this season. Quebec Division was approached for assistance in translating the content of the catalogue. Due to short timelines, a decision was made to go with paid translation as the turnaround time was faster than Quebec Division members, who were volunteering their time, could afford. A breakdown occurred in communicating that for this season, only the garment details would be translated, not the additional pages that share the Helly Hansen story and specifics about the fabrics used. I apologize for the misunderstanding with Quebec Division, and I will be engaging Helly Hansen for their assistance in obtaining a fully translated document as soon as possible.

Name badges

Representatives of the CSP and Helly Hansen met in Toronto in March. At that time, it was agreed that the additional cost of modifying the Helly Hansen jacket ($25/jacket) was outweighed by the cost of an existing name badge ($5 – $7.50 for the smaller alternate style badge). The application of the additional Velcro would delay shipping of the jacket to the zones, as it would first have to go to a authorized third-party tailor for application of the patch. The jacket would then be shipped to the zone at an additional charge to the zone; essentially, creating much higher shipping fees.

Please note that any modifications made to the garment that are not done by an approved Helly Hansen tailor will void the warranty of the garment.


While the product names may be similar, several of the jackets differ in the fabric and the number of layers used in the jacket. The Sequoia insulated jacket is filled with 60g of insulation and is a 2-ply fabric with good water repellency. The Sequoia jacket (shell) is a 3-ply jacket made with HellyTech, a proprietary, more substantial water-repellant technical fabric, and therefore has a higher price tag.


The red colours are different due to the way the dye reacts with the materials. The CSP does not have a particular tone of “red” when it comes to the uniform jacket, just that it is red with white crosses. To have a consistent colour of red throughout the jacket would require a minimum order quantity and upfront purchase. This would enable us to have jackets all from the same fabric and dye lot, at considerable expense. This approach was deemed to be unworkable.

Order form

The pricing is based on what was provided by Helly Hansen. White crosses were added to the offering as members often need a cross for a backpack and Helly Hansen’s price point was one of the lowest I have seen in the retail market. As all of the uniform products come with crosses applied, there is no need to purchase crosses unless for another purpose, like a backpack.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me, I’m always available to help.


Happy holidays,


Greg McCormick

Vice-President – Communications and Marketing


In response to question from the earlier Helly Hansen “Need to Know”

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