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The first-ever International Ski Patrol Day (ISPD) is almost here. Here is an overview of the initiative and how your resorts can be involved.

What is International Ski Patrol Day?

ISPD is an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the extraordinary individuals who keep resorts open, safe and fun for people of all ages and skill levels. 

As the brand “trusted by professionals,” and in an effort to show appreciation and raise funds for ski patrollers across the world, Helly Hansen Canada, in conjunction with input from Canadian Ski Patrol, decided to kick-start programming to celebrate the first-ever ISPD on February 10, 2022. 

Why is this happening?

Helly Hansen felt that a day to recognize the efforts of ski patrollers all over the world, and their commitment to keep resorts open, safe and fun for people of ages and skill levels was appropriate.

While the idea came from Helly Hansen, this is not a Helly Hansen-sponsored event. This event is meant to encourage all resorts, snow sports and outdoor brands to participate in International Ski Patrol Day and show appreciation for ski patrollers with social activations and non-profit donations!

Therefore, from February 10-14, 2022, a portion of online sales from Helly Hansen Canada will be donated to the Canadian Ski Patrol.

What will International Ski Patrol Day look like at my resort?

Helly Hansen is creating a playbook to assist resorts that choose to participate. This will include a media library with branded elements, social media content, a guidebook which is a fun and useful educational tool all about ski patrollers and the work they do, and tips and tricks to create a fun, grassroots events special to each resort. 


  • January 13 – International Ski Patrol Day Media Announcement
  • January 31 – Guidebook becomes available to the public (including CSP)
  • February 3 – 9 – Resorts will start posting on their social media channels to help promote the event.
  • February 10 – International Ski Patrol Day with a variety of activities occurring simultaneously around the world at participating resorts
  • February 10 – 14 –  Helly Hansen Canada donates 5 percent of online sales to the Canadian Ski Patrol

How do I participate as a CSP member?

We’d like to have some stories of Canadian Ski Patrollers incorporated into the guidebook. There is a special optional survey available for you to complete to share your reasons for being a ski patroller. 

The deadline to complete the survey is January 16, 2022. By submitting the survey, you agree to your story, and supporting images you include to be used in Helly Hansen marketing tools and future CSP communications, both for the membership and to our external audiences.


We will be sending details to division and zone presidents in late January that will help them to liaise with their local resorts and determine any involvement with their patrol teams as desired. This initiative is less driven by our patrol membership, and more by the resorts taking on the efforts to create an experience for guests while of course promoting what we all spend hours doing – keeping people safe.


If you have any questions about this initiative, please contact Marketing and Communications Portfolio Leader Kerri Loudoun (

International Ski Patrol Day – February 10, 2022

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